Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Too Old To Blog?

      Alcopops at 22                                                   Slightly more refined at 26

Back when I was a *cough cough* fresh faced 22 year old, I toyed with the idea of setting up a blog. In the end, my typical lack of commitment and readiness to be distracted meant that it went the way of all of my hobbies.....I'm looking at you sewing machine......and was left to gather dust.

Recently though, I've found myself itching to start it up again but it's lead me to the question; am I too old?

Every blogger I follow, save a few select faithfuls that I've followed since my uni days (7 YEARS AGO) seems to be getting younger and peppier every day and don't get me wrong, I enjoy their blogs just as much - but does it mean blogging is a young person's game now?

It's not very often I think of myself as an adult and I still very much need my mother in a crisis but my boyfriend chose this weekend to highlight the point when I tried a dress on and he asked the fateful question, "Is that a bit young for you?"

I don't know - IS IT?!

Admittedly restarting the blog may be a ill-fated attempt at reclaiming my youth but I'm going to give it a bash anyway and it's going to be easy breezy from here on out.
I'm not planning on a particular routine or any topics. It will very much be posts on whatever takes my fancy that day.

Try a new recipe that goes well? I'll let you know.
Find the holy grail of lipsticks? I'll let you know.
Discover a hidden gem for weekend exploring? I'll let you know.
Take a particularly cute picture of my cat? You get the drift.

Speak to you all soon!

R x